Source: Rove Wants to Meet With Publishers Again Before Making Decision About His Memoirs

The reason Karl Rove’s memoirs do not have a publisher a full week after the auction ended last Wednesday is that Mr. Rove and his representative, DC lawyer Robert Barnett, want to meet with the publishers who are pursuing the book and are running into scheduling difficulties because of the holidays, according to a publishing source who would not speak for attribution.

Mr. Rove wants to ask questions about their intentions regarding promotion, timing, editing, etc.–questions he has already asked in prior meetings, but is revisiting now that he’s faced with a decision.

Because the holiday season is so busy, the source said, meetings have been hard to arrange.

As previously reported, Mr. Rove is considering two imprints, both of which are part of Simon & Schuster: Threshold Editions, a conservative shop run by GOP strategist Mary Matalin, and Free Press, which used to be aggressively conservative but has since refashioned itself as a general interest operation.

Reached for comment this morning, Mr. Barnett said, “Mr. Rove is taking the time to make an informed decision.”