Swanky Society Dames Go Mad for McMullan: Photographer Patrick Promoting Heck Out of Book

“I enjoy parties, as you might know,” photographer Patrick McMullan told the Transom on Monday, Dec. 3, at the Valentino boutique on Madison Avenue, where the socialite Muffie Potter Aston was hosting the third—yes, third—fete for his new book Glamour Girls (Harry N. Abrams, $75). “There’s hip-hop glamour girls, society glamour girls, the grand dames, there’s young girls,” he said.

“He is a glamorous man who brings out the glamour in all of us,” gushed Ms. Potter Aston. “He is beloved in a town that loves few people.”

Another of the evening’s society hosts, the very tall Somers Farkas, was waiting for a signed copy of the oversize book. “I’m thrilled to be in the book, and will buy as many copies as I can afford,” she said.

That’s a lot of books!

Of course, the man of honor simply couldn’t help himself from taking pictures of the evening’s most well-dressed ladies. But what makes someone a “glamour girl,” anyway?

“Developing style is more important than having expensive clothes,” Mr. McMullan said. “Knowing how to use accessories is a real help. You can go to any vintage or funny places and find things that are the right color for the season that you look great.” Get this man a Bravo reality show!

“Also, I think part of it is to make friends. It really helps to find a couple of charities you really like.” Nearby, confirmed glamour girl Holly Dunlap, founder of the accessories line Hollywould, was recounting the night she first met Mr. McMullan out on the town. “I met Patrick when I was about 16, living in New York going to summer school at FIT,” she said. “We used to sneak into Nell’s nightclub with my friends. One night Mick Jagger started talking to us. Patrick was out with Mick Jagger. He came over and started talking to us and being really nice, not in a lecherous way, just kind of like, ‘You girls are too young to be here.’ We shared a limo with him, Mick Jagger and Lou Reed to another club. That was the highlight of my youth.”

Swanky Society Dames Go Mad for McMullan: Photographer Patrick Promoting Heck Out of Book