Talk About Gracious Accomodations: No Smoking, No Music, No Taxis At Cooper Square Hotel

The Villager is reporting that Cooper Square Hotel developers Gregory Peck and Matt Moss have “finally caved” and agreed to neighbors’ “tough terms for operating [the hotel’s] outdoor areas.”

Under the deal, outlined on local Community Board 3’s Web site, the builders have agreed to restrict loiterers, taxis, and limos along East 5th Street and prohibit smoking on the hotel’s second-floor terrace — located just 30 inches from some neighbors’ windows.

There will also be no music in any outdoor areas, no dancing in the basement lounge, and no sidewalk cafe on East 5th Street, among other provisions.

In exchange for the developers’ compliance, CB3 will conditionally support the 21-story hotel’s vast alcoholic beverage program, which includes a 95-seat restaurant and a 30-seat bar on the first floor (combined capacity: 203); a 40-seat outdoor dining area; a 23-seat bar and restaurant on the second floor; a second-floor outdoor terrace (capacity: 77); an outdoor garden (capacity: 187); and a basement lounge (capacity: 136).