The Day in Gossip: Beyonce’s Juicy Chicken Demands; Anderson Cooper Loathes New Year!

Well-knowns like Philip Glass, Anderson Cooper and Amy Sacco recount nightmare New Year’s Eve tales.

Sean McEnroe, son of tennis legend John and actress Tatum O’Neal, threw a tantrum when he wasn’t let into Pink Elephant nightclub.

When Mary-Louise Parker had dinner in the West Village the other night with sometime lover Jeffrey Dean Morgan, she was overheard trashing one of her Weeds co-stars.

Kate Moss’ rep was appalled by the mere suggestion the supermodel be a guest on Web show LateNet with Ray Ellin.

Before Beyoncé performs somewhere, she demands “”juicy baked chicken legs heavily seasoned with fresh garlic, seasoned salt, and black and cayenne pepper;” singer Eve, on the other hand, requires “there be no use of Styrofoam or plastic goods, no leather furniture, and only recyclable materials.”

Eliot Spitzer’s daughter, Elyssa, has no intention of going into law.

When Lauren Bacall recently arrived at midtown restaurant ’21,’ she rasped: “When was the last time you people polished my plaque?”

Ivana Trump
and fiancé Rossano Rubicondi are spending New Year’s in Aspen.

In New York, New Year’s Eve parties will be hosted by John Legend and Scott Weiland; Federico Castelluccio, Paul Sorvino, Jerry Masucci and Chazz Palminteri; and Kevin Dillion.

Bigwig residents of Chelsea apartment building are fed up with construction noise coming from new Wyndham Hotel next door.

Jenna Fischer, star of Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, gets a tad racy on her MySpace blog.

ANTM winner Saleisha Stowers learned about family values from her grandmother.