The Day in Gossip: Bill Clinton's Hollywood Crush; Mets Pitcher's Loo Antics!

At a dinner on Park Ave., Bill Clinton left his seat next to Anna Wintour so he could chat with Penelope Cruz. [Page Six]

Eva Longoria and her seven besties just had a weekend in New York City costing $100,000, but it was somehow free for them. [Gatecrasher]

Helena Bonham Carter
on her breast-size while filming Sweeney Todd pregnant: “It’s melons to tangerines.” [Page Six]

Mets pitcher John Maine followed a pretty woman into a stall in Touch nightclub and then asked her if he could try on her dress. [Gatecrasher]

Britney Spears
almost flaked out of shooting a $500,000 music video, but after her record label told her they were going to give it to a younger artist, she went to the set. [Page Six]

Tommy Hilfiger made more than $8 million after selling his East Hampton manse for $26.5 million. [Page Six]

Reinaldo Herrera
is pleased that Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has, so far, honored his citizens’ vote to maintain a democracy. [Page Six]

In his new article, Kurt Andersen suggests that Dick Cheney’s wife, Lynne, has long flirted with one of his friends. [Page Six]