The Day in Gossip: Don Imus Jabs Tom Brokaw; Martha Stewart’s Morbid Donald Trump Joke!

Tom Brokaw and Don Imus are no longer friends; Mr. Brokaw said he thinks Mr. Imus should have been fired, and the shock jock said the former anchor is not courageous. [Page Six]

Martha Stewart
jokingly wishes that someone had slaughtered Donald Trump and made steaks out of him. [Page Six]

The details surrounding the Palm Beach death of hedge funder Seth Tobias have gotten stranger, more lurid. [Rush&Malloy]

Sarah Ferguson is reportedly getting romantic with Norwegian frozen foods mogul Geir Frantzen. [Page Six]

The Spice Girls’ reunion tour might not being doing so well. [Page Six]

At Chelsea’s Abacadabra magic store today, Mrs. Claus will spank willing patrons. [Page Six]

At a poorly-air conditioned hotel in Kiev, Moby called the front desk asking for a fan; the man on the other end thought he meant groupies and told him there were none. [Page Six]

Juliet Huddy, who co-hosts a morning show on Fox, named Hulk Hogan and Jessica Alba her two worst guests ever. [Page Six]

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s daughter, Apple, was very sweet and talkative to the staff at a West Village store; her dad was not. [Page Six]

The Soho Grand hosted several A-list parties the other night. [Page Six]

Joan Collins’ daughter, Tara Newly, likes younger men, as does her mother. [Page Six]

A fancy Palm Beach salon closed in the middle of people’s sessions. [Page Six]

Pamela Anderson, who dates poker player Rick Solomon, was seen getting cozy with magician Criss Angel. [Page Six]