The Day in Gossip: Fidel Castro’s Beard; Erin Fetherston’s Bangs!

America’s Most Smartest Model contestant Andre Birieanu thinks VH1 destroyed him. [Page Six]

Fidel Castro doesn’t shave his face because he thinks it saves him 10 working days a year. [Rush&Malloy]

The Olsen twins went to the Bowery Hotel with Full House’s Bob Saget and John Stamos. [Page Six]

Designer Erin Fetherston cuts her own bangs every few weeks with good scissors. [Page Six]

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams may be dating. [Page Six]

The “little person” Paris Hilton saved in Miami was rushed to the hospital because of a his bad kidneys. [Page Six]

Look’s director Adam Rifkin said that shooting one of the scenes for the film, which opens today, nearly got him in trouble with the law. [Page Six]

Hilary Swank accidentally placed her boob on Bob Balaban’s head. [Page Six]

Comic Jim Florentine doesn’t know why Howard Stern’s sidekick Robin Quivers is dating him. [Page Six]