The Day in Gossip: Harvey Weinstein’s Foiled Honeymoon; Lydia Hearst’s Good Name!

Publisher Conrad Black doesn’t want his friends, like William F. Buckley and Henry Kissinger, to become his enemies. [Page Six]

French president Nicolas Sarkozy took his new entertainer girlfriend on a date to Euro Disney. [Page Six]

Anthony Minghella
sent Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman a congratulatory video that made it seem like he thought the movie mogul was marrying George Clooney. [Gatecrasher]

Harvey Weinstein and his new bride, Georgina Chapman, were planning to spend their honeymoon on Denise Rich’s yacht, but there’s a fuel strike in its homeport of St. Barts. [Page Six]

Tara Reid
was hospitalized in Bali after falling during a night out partying. [Gatecrasher]

Designer-party promoter Malcolm Sirrah kept putting Lydia Hearst’s name on his invitations without her consent. [Page Six]

Jennifer Love Hewitt
may or may not be pregnant. [Gatecrasher]

Dallas Cowboy fans may think that Jessica Simpson has something to do with her quarterback boyfriend’s poor performance on Sunday. [Page Six]

At his 50th birthday bash at the Time Warner Center, CNBC’s Donny Deutsch told pals that he was the “luckiest man on earth.” [Page Six]

Pamela Anderson cannot decide whether or not to divorce her husband, Rick Salomon. [Page Six]

A very exclusive new lounge in town, 1 Oak, would only let Patrick McMullan inside if he promised not to take pictures. [Page Six]

Musician Dave Grohl can offer advice to others on how to stay clean. [Page Six]