The Day in Gossip: Lindsay Lohan Stages Pics; Mayor Bloomberg Eyes the Governator!

John Travolta, who was apparently slated to play J.R. Ewing in a feature film version of Dallas, has been replaced by Ben Stiller. [Page Six]

Recent rumors that Lindsay Lohan sells her own staged photos to photo agencies may be true; this time she arranged to be shot going to a recording studio. [Gatecrasher]

W.G.A. strikers on the Fox Studios lot drink Champagne and hook up with each other. [Page Six]

Donald Trump
and Jimmy Fallon had to wait outside in the cold for an hour before Neil Young’s concert started last week. [Rush&Malloy]

Bill Clinton
said he “saved Bono’s life” by letting him ride in his caravan in 1992; the singer got to a football game an hour early and they became friends. [Page Six]

Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively likes to shop in Soho and anywhere else that has “cobblestone and tree-lined streets.” [Gatecrasher]

If Mayor Michael Bloomberg were to run for president, he’d want Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as his running mate. [Page Six]

A pregnant Jennifer Lopez went shopping in New York on Wednesday night. [Gatecrasher]

Rosie O’Donnell has been documenting her family swimming with dolphins with a Flip video. [Page Six]

The “Dell dude,” who was busted in 2003 for buying pot, is now a bartender at Tortilla Flats in the West Village. [Page Six]

Film producer and maybe-onetime-mob-associate Jules Nasso has been asked to chair the 2008 Staten Island Film Festival. [Page Six]

Juno actress Ellen Page prepped for the role by reading Pregnancy for Dummies. [Page Six]

At a Costume National party, Willem Dafoe said that his first job, binding Penthouse and Hustler magazines, was not erotic. [Page Six]