The Day in Gossip: Lindsay Lohan’s New Bestie; Jennifer Lopez Becomes Silent!

Lindsay Lohan went to a party hosted by a power lesbian with her new roommate, Courtenay Semel, and they apparently held hands the whole time. [Page Six]

PETA’s new offices have Zac Posen’s mother’s old phone number; when people call for her, staffers say: “Animals are strangled, electrocuted and even skinned alive for every piece of fur.” [Gatecrasher]

When video tributes from Jennifer Lopez’s ex-lovers, Ben Affleck and Sean “Diddy” Combs, were shown at Harvey Weinstein’s wedding, she looked uncomfortable. [Page Six]

Alexandra Styron
was given a six-figure advance to write a memoir. [Page Six]

Jennifer Lopez may be planning to sue her onetime business partner Andy Hilfiger, brother of Tommy. [Gatecrasher]

Justin Timberlake is so good at golf, it bothers writer Carl Hiaasen. [Page Six]

Michael Lohan played the part of Joseph in a Times Square Nativity scene last night. [Page Six]

Knut, the polar bear, was thrown a birthday party on Sunday at the Museum of Natural History. [Page Six]

Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten is planning to open a restaurant in Aspen, Colo. [Page Six]