The Day in Gossip: Padma Lakshmi Gets Testy; Reese Witherspoon Chides Vince Vaughn!

Producers of MTV’s The Hills scrambled to set Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port up with Frenchmen. [Page Six]

Reese Witherspoon can’t handle Vince Vaughn’s laissez-faire approach to working on their film. [Gatecrasher]

Bravo is planning a Manhattan version of The Real Housewives of Orange County. [Page Six]

They’re already planning a Sex and the City sequel. [Page Six]

Debbie Dickinson, Janice’s sister, has started modeling again. [Page Six]

Surprise! Padma Lakshmi was rude to her waiter at a SoHo restaurant. [Gatecrasher]

CNN tries to juggle an honoree featured on a program and a big advertiser, whose work is the bane of the honoree’s existence. [Page Six]

Music producer J.R. Rotem acted like a diva at an awards show and claimed he impregnated Britney Spears. [Page Six]

A high school that will soon open in Florida is to be called the George Steinbrenner High School. [Page Six]

An editor for a movie that Oprah’s producing got married in the editing room with Denzel Washington as his best man. [Page Six]