The Day in Gossip: The Donald Gets Used; John Mayer and Cameron Diaz Cuddle!

Santa Monica restaurant beats Donald Trump at his own game. [Page Six]

John Mayer
and Cameron Diaz snuggled by the fireplace at the Bowery Hotel before leaving together around midnight. [Rush&Malloy]

The Sopranos cast reunited on Mulberry Street on Wednesday night to eat “everything” and gaze at a 7-foot-tall tree of cannolis. [Page Six]

Super Size Me’s Morgan Spurlock wants to find Osama Bin Laden in a new documentary; Harvey Weinstein bought the rights. [Rush&Malloy]

The U.E.S. co-ops of corporate bigwigs can be the targets of major protests, and that irritates their neighbors. [Page Six]

Harvey Weinstein, Tyra Banks, Eva Mendes, Richard Branson
and others helped raise $830,000 for UNICEF and the Sarah Ferguson Foundation at Cipriani Wall St. [Page Six]

Kathie Gifford
has been housing Eduardo Verastegul in her Hamptons home; he reminds her of Antonio Banderas. [Page Six]

After many years of being mad at him, the French have decided to forgive Ben Bradlee, honoring him with a Legion of Honor. [Page Six]

One of Annie Leibovitz’s photo assistants was hit by a van while riding his Vespa. [Page Six]

Conn. Sen. Abe Ribcoff’s widow, Casey, threw her 85th birthday party Wed. in the Grill Room at the Four Seasons Restaurant; Gerry Schoenfeld, Oscar de la Renta and Felix and Elizabeth Rohatyn went. [Page Six]