The Day in Gossip: Victoria Beckham's Secrets; Princess Michael's Royal Snoot!

Victoria Beckham sleeps naked and considers herself “so camp” and “a gay man trying to get out.” [Page Six]

The drivers’ ed. instructor in Borat is suing the film’s makers, claiming he was put in danger. [Page Six]

The elevators at Soho’s Fiamma restaurant confused Ben Stiller, so he ended up hanging out with the wrong party for a little while. [Page Six]

Chris Noth won’t say if the fight sequence in SATC is a dream; “Life is a dream.” [Gatecrasher]

Google’s Larry Page is getting married this weekend on Richard Branson’s Necker Island and the logistics are a nightmare. [Page Six]

At a party in Palm Beach, Princess Michael of Kent was obsessed with people following royal protocol; “Don’t touch me, that’s not done.” [Page Six]

Lance Bass yelled at people smoking pot in the bathroom at Hiro, relieved himself and left without washing his mitts. [Page Six]

Dave Chappelle
beat his own stand-up record, telling jokes for six hours and 12 minutes straight. [Page Six]

’s sex scene was very tricky to shoot. [Gatecrasher]