The Kors of True Love: Designer Michael Opens Store; Sexy Jane Krakowski In Christmas-Shopping Meltdown

“Every New Yorker, what do we dream of? Space and light!” said the fashion designer Michael Kors, standing in his new store on Prince Street on Monday, Dec. 10, surrounded by plenty of both, in addition to endless gold leather products and a smattering of socialites and actresses, including Natasha Richardson, Fabiola Beracasa and Aerin Lauder.

Mr. Kors did not appear to be ruffled, no pun intended, by the fashion industry’s increasingly demanding schedule. “We have something new every two weeks,” he said. “I tell everyone, ‘Don’t pay attention to what it’s called.’ It’s perfect for ADD times. If you fall in love, might be a rain boot, could be a bathing suit, could be a coat.”

Mr. Kors’ collection includes all these things—but not the necessary gear for his upcoming holiday trip. “I’m going to South Africa on safari to the Singita, so I actually had to go to Beretta—this was a rarity!” he said. “Everyone’s like, ‘Oh, you make everything!’ I’m like, ‘We don’t make safari clothes!’ This is a guaranteed way to get New Yorkers out of black. Safari.”

The actress Jane Krakowski, currently starring in 30 Rock,was among those posing for pictures with the designer, whom she first met backstage in Antonio Banderas’s dressing room during a Broadway run of Nine. She was feeling tense about the state of her Christmas shopping. “I keep thinking we have a month to go. And we have like two weeks or something,” she said. “I’ve bought like two presents, I have about 20 to go. I’m giving my nephews Guitar Hero, which we played at Thanksgiving, and it was so fun, because the family didn’t argue. Have you tried it? It’s great for the holidays, so you don’t have to talk about any family issues.”