The Morning Read: Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Hillary Clinton volunteer who forwarded an email claiming Barack Obama is a Muslim is no longer with the campaign.

The National Review wonders about Clinton’s claim that she was accompanied by the C.I.A. when she traveled abroad as first lady.

Eliot Spitzer’s budget director, Paul Francis, tells the New York Times that becoming the director of operations, right before the governor presents his budget, will be a “seamless transition.”

Spitzer’s wife is playing a role in the internal fight over whether to purge some top level staffers.

The governor made a surprise visit to see Albany’s Democratic supervisor-elect Paula Mahan and offer some advice.

Somehow, there’s more mistrust in Albany than ever.

The Daily News picks up the claim that Spitzer’s top aides referred to Andrew Cuomo as “an animal” who wouldn’t listen to reason, and also the claim that those top officials pressured Darren Dopp not to cooperate with Cuomo’s investigation.

Larry Seabrook defended City Council members’ six-digit-salaries during a hearing yesterday, saying he “took an oath to serve, not an oath of poverty.”

Debbie Almontaser lost the court fight to regain her job as principal of the city’s first Arabic-themed pubilc school.

The Bond Buyer takes a look at the price tag of the Berger Commission.

Errol Louis is suspicious of the critics of two major development projects.

The New York Times editorial board likes Andrew Cuomo’s Sunlight Project.

And Gail Collins thinks Hillary Clinton is lucky her campaign’s Kindergarten attack on Barack Obama happened while the Daily Show writers were on strike.

The Morning Read: Thursday, December 6, 2007