Tinsley Mortimer Immortalized in Costly Cotton

Watch out, Ernest and Calvin! There’s a new jean company in town. Considering the labyrinth of hip denim brands already out there vying to cover your quads, any newcomers better have a gimmick or two stuffed up their, um, leg. Enter Aristocrat, a line that has—no joke—gone and named one of their styles “Tinsley,” after, of course, the one-and-only Ms. Mortimer. (Like the characters in a childish prep-school manuscript, other styles were bequeathed anglophilic names like “Kent,” “Stratford” and “Windsor.”) Oh, and the jeans—which are sold at Barneys, Ron Herman and Nordstrom—are also “green,” so wearers can feel ecological, if not economical, when dropping $200 for a pair.

According to W magazine’s Editors’ Blog, the man behind the threads, Bob Bak, sent Ms. Mortimer a pair of the eponymous pants. But when folks at the fashion mag called the golden-tressed socialite to find out what she thought of them, she responded by e-mail, intimating that they must have been lost in the mail. “I think it is so sweet that he named a pair after me, and of course I am very flattered. I had no idea about this. I would love to try them!! Please tell him thank you so much!! I think it is very cute of him!!” she wrote. No word yet on whether Prince Edward received his pair in the post.