Today in National Polls: Giuliani Sinks

Nationally, Rudy Giuliani loses nine points and Mike Huckabee gains 10, narrowing Rudy’s lead to 25 percent over Huckabee’s 19. Not much change in the Democratic field, where Clinton leads Obama, with 53 percent to Obama’s 23. [ABCNews/Wash Post]

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are tied in New Hampshire. Huckabee is still failing to gain much ground in the state, trailing 23 points behind Mitt Romney’s 32 percent. [CNN/WMUR]

An advanced look at a new poll shows Obama with a significant lead in Iowa, with 33 percent to Hillary Clinton’s 25 percent. Mike Huckabee leads Mitt Romney with 30 percent to Romney’s 25 percent. [Strategic Vision]

But another poll shows Clinton with 29 percent to Obama at 26 percent and Edwards in third place with 22 percent. [Rasmussen]