Tuesday, December 11th

The unstoppable office party machine cranks it up a notch and a few crotches, and it will not stop until you beg for mercy! Architectural Digest’s ad salesmen hit up Bar Boulud, Upper West Side charcuterie palace by Daniel Boulud that the rest of us won’t be privileged to experience until Dec. 31, while the peppy shoppers of Lucky head to the new uptown Pop Burger on East 58th, where they will host the very first private party, a feat they like to repeat each year at venues all over town. Time Out New York, meanwhile, which did not receive the memo about hosting one’s magazine holiday party somewhere the hoi polloi will be unable to find you, get their drink on at Spotlight Livethat four-story karaoke behemoth in Times Square; what, you’ve never been?—with musical embarrassment and Palm Belgian beer. Meanwhile, Joanne Lipman, Portfolio editrix and popular punching bag of the press, sticks out her tongue to the naysayers after nabbing the seat next to S.I. Newhouse at the Condé Nast holiday luncheon and absconds with her spoiled, grumbling brood to Runway, a club in the East 20’s where, on a normal night, private school children get high and grope each other to 80’s tunes (this sounds like the best holiday party we’ve ever heard of).

[Architectural Digest holiday party, Bar Boulud, 1900 Broadway; Lucky holiday party, Pop Burger, 14 East 58th Street; Time Out New York holiday party, Spotlight Live, 1604 Broadway; Portfolio holiday party, Runway, 4 East 28th Street]