Video! Fashion Industry Feeds the Poor, Clothes the Emaciated

Generalizing is generally bad business. Unless, of course, you’re talking about people in fashion. They’re all just sooo helplessly self-obsessed. Right? No—wrong, actually. Sure, they might go and make a video about all their good works after they’re done. But they are doing good. As stunning Sudanese supermodel Alek Wek told us when we caught up with her during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, “You can’t just judge it, like, one onion isn’t smelling good and the whole sack is like that!”

Considering the season and everything, we found this recently-shot clip rather fitting. It features 15 prominent people in the fashion industry talking about their favorite charities. From Tory Burch discussing her volunteer work for Memorial Sloan-Kettering to Zac Posen sharing his loyalty to TeachersCount, it may just refashion your view of…fashion.