We Got More Rents! It’s Upper West Side vs. Upper East Side!

In December, apartment rents dropped in both Upper West Side and Upper East Side non-doorman buildings, according to a report out Tuesday from brokerage The Real Estate Group New York.

The best deal for a non-doorman studio can be found on the Upper West Side for an average of $1,734 monthly compared to $1,870 on the Upper East Side, the report said. But studios in doorman buildings on the Upper West Side run for $2,737 compared to only $2,499 on the Upper East Side.

A one-bedroom in a doorman building on the Upper West Side rented for $3,550 in December, $65 more than a comparable unit on the Upper East Side. Non-doorman one-bedrooms on both sides also command similar rents of around $2,400 a month. A two-bedroom apartment without a doorman goes for $3,440 on the Upper East Side versus $3,106 on the Upper West Side.

The complete report can be found here.