Weiner on the Iowa Rental Car Shortage, Selling Hillary

“I made the mistake of going on-line yesterday trying to find a rental car, just so I can be more useful,” Representative Anthony Weiner, who is joining a number of New York electeds for Hillary Clinton in the Hawkeye state, told me. “There’s like, no cars anywhere in the state. It’s amazing. I even tried Omaha. There’s no Omaha cars.”

He spoke about what points he’ll be pushing once he gets there. “[I will] kind of articulate the whole notion of this being reminiscent of [Clinton’s Senate campaign in] 2000, where there were a lot of people suspicious of her on the same level that people are in Iowa,” Weiner said. “Some of the same arguments were made about her to voters, and she proved them all wrong. I can make that argument.”

“I’m not going to be doing speeches and things,” he said of his assignment. “I’m probably going to get the same list of ‘ones’ and ‘twos’ and go knocking on doors like everyone else.”