When Blowhards Collide: Olbermann vs. Dobbs

Keith Olbermann has raised his profile and his numbers at MSNBC in part by taking on other cable hosts. And last night, notes TV Newser, he opened another campaign, naming CNN’s Lou Dobbs as the”Worst Person in the World” (there’s a new one every night, so don’t take it literally).

Mr. Dobbs provoked Mr. Olbermann’s ire with a tirade of his own, attacking LA Times columnist Tim Rutten on his Monday show, after Mr. Rutten wrote a column that argued that CNN devoted too much of its recent Republican debate to immigration, as a way to help Mr. Dobbs’ show, which focuses on the issue.

The spat comes as MSNBC pulls about even with CNN in the primetime ratings. If Mr. Dobbs responds (and his feisty persona suggests he will) it could only serve to boost Mr. Olbermann and CNN further.