A Clinton Organizer's Take on the Nevada Win

Brian Weeks, the head of the Clinton campaign’s get-out-the-vote effort in Iowa and Nevada, said that unlike in Iowa, where the large turnout favored Barack Obama, the large number of Hispanic caucus-goers gave Hillary Clinton an edge today.

In a phone interview just now, Weeks said that exit polling he had seen today in today’s Nevada caucus suggested that Hillary Clinton won by a three-to-one margin among Hispanic voters. He also said she had won a majority of the state’s union vote despite the endorsement of Barack Obama by the powerful Culinary Workers Union.

Despite the unmistakable expectations-lowering by the Clinton campaign in the last few days, Weeks said, “The organization here always kept on program everywhere across the state, we didn’t see any disintigration of support.”

He said that the exit polls he had seen indicated that Clinton had won 43 percent of the state’s union members, compared to 32 percent for Obama. He said that they helped win seven out of nine of the at-large caucuses in casinos (which supporters of Clinton had challenged in court) by doggedly canvassing those sites.

“We had started organizing along there,” Weeks said, “letting them know they could caucus for Hillary.”

A Clinton Organizer's Take on the Nevada Win