A Clinton Supporter Displays Rapid Response Skills

I just got off the phone with one of Hillary Clinton’s newly deputized "rapid responders," Assemblyman Joe Morelle. In the spirit of rapid responding, I named a few elected officials and asked him to say the first thing that popped into his head:

Hillary Clinton: “Extraordinary”
Bill Clinton: “Smartest man in any room he‘s in.”
Barack Obama: “Very talented and has a lot of promise.”
Ted Kennedy: “National icon.”
Eliot Spitzer: “Going to be one of most distinguished governors when he’s done.”
Rudy Giuliani: “Soon to be retired permanently to the private sector.”
Michael Bloomberg: “I don’t know him well, but he’s done a great job as mayor.”
Mark Weprin (who was sitting next to Morelle for part of the interview): “He’s a scoundrel.”

Also responding rapidly on behalf of Clinton here in New York is former state Democratic Party Chair Judith Hope, and Queens County Democratic Chairman, Representative Joe Crowley.

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