A Little Critic Love for Underdog Rail Yard Bids

Wall Street Journal architect critic Ada Louise Huxtable likes the West Side rail yard bids of Brookfield Properties and Extell Development Corporation. In general, Ms. Huxtable doesn’t like any of the five bids, but those of Brookfield and Extell at least, she writes, “are worth talking about.”

Extell’s bid has “the unity, character and potential beauty of a Rockefeller Center, and it is unique in that respect.” The Observer talked in December with Extell president Gary Barnett about his firm’s bid.

Of Brookfield’s bid, Ms. Huxtable likes the landscaping. It’s “the unifying factor, softening transitions and tying everything together.” The Observer talked with Brookfield CEO Ric Clark in November about his firm’s bid.

Brookfield and Extell are considered the longshot bids among the five because both lack an anchor tenant. But perhaps a little bit of critical praise will tip the scales.