An Obama Cousin, A Clinton Equation, Rating Romneys

Fox News reports Carville and Begala are going back to Clintons. Carville denies it. [RCP

The high turnout in New Hampshire will help John McCain and Barack Obama, says an analyst. [The Hill]

John Edwards uses a Hillary Clinton line, tells a reporter that unlike Obama, he’s been “vetted.” [CNN]

The leader of the Kenyan opposition tells the BBC he’s Obama’s cousin. [Ben

Noam Schieber develops an equation for the Clinton campaign based on its increasing similarity to Rudy Giuliani’s. [The Stump

By the end of 2008 candidates and interest groups will have spent a record $3 billion on TV ads. [Financial Times

And John Koblin and Choire Sicha do some close analysis of the Romney boys. [Daily Transom