Andrew Cuomo Locks Up the Giant-Fan Vote

Andrew Cuomo wins another one for the little guy:


“It has come to our attention that Ticketmaster had restricted sale of tickets for the upcoming New York Giants versus Tampa Bay Buccaneers football playoff game to be held in Florida this weekend. The Ticketmaster restriction allowed only Florida residents to purchase tickets.

We believe Ticketmasters’ restriction raises significant legal issues and was causing consumer frauds in schemes to circumvent the restriction. We contacted Ticketmaster about our concerns.

Ticketmaster has agreed to immediately eliminate the Florida residency restrictions for purchasing tickets which will now be open to New York and New Jersey residents, as well as other states’ residents.

Ticketmaster agreed to immediately change their website to allow such sales to take place.

We thank Ticketmaster for its cooperation.”

Andrew Cuomo Locks Up the Giant-Fan Vote