Andrew Tyndall: NBC has “Deepest Bench” in TV News

The Politico‘s Michael Calderone (formerly of Media Mob fame) recently caught up with a bunch of broadcast news bigwigs in Iowa.

Along the way, NBC’s Brian Williams talked up his belief in the advantage for NBC of having a sibling cable news outlet providing plenty of real estate for its anchors and correspondents to appear throughout the day.

“Williams noted that NBCs advantage for 2008 is having a cable news network, MSNBC, working round the clock — ‘a game-changer,’ in his words,” reported Mr. Calderone.

TV analyst (and evening news obsessive) Andrew Tyndall concurred:

Tyndall agreed, adding that with on-air standouts David Gregory and Andrea Mitchell, “Meet the Press” moderator Tim Russert and “Hardball” host Chris Matthews, and political director and analyst Chuck Todd, among others, NBC has the deepest bench in television news.

Andrew Tyndall: NBC has “Deepest Bench” in TV News