Art of the Haggle: Papa Trump Spars With Son Eric Over $2 M. Central Park South Condo

transfers erictrump1v Art of the Haggle: Papa Trump Spars With Son Eric Over $2 M. Central Park South CondoThe last time this reporter interviewed Donald Trump, the guru responded to an inoffensive question by saying: “[Y]our questions are nasty and yet I answer them. I could throw you out; I guess if they got a little nastier I probably would.”

Mr. Trump, lips pursed, was not a man to quibble with. And yet when his middle son, 24-year-old Eric Trump, bought his very first apartment late last year, he not only bought it from his father, he haggled with him over the price. “Of course,” young Mr. Trump told The Observer. “Naturally, we’re not going to get any gifts. We’re going to pay for it. We went back and forth. It wouldn’t be Trump if we didn’t. … His father was the same way to him, and he wants us to work for what we have.”

He paid $2 million for a condo high up in Trump Parc East at 100 Central Park South, according to a deed filed last week in city records. “By the way,” Eric Trump said later, “if I were to go into his office and not haggle, he would have thrown me out and not sold me the space.”

The apartment has 1,353 square feet and three bedrooms. “It’s probably more than I need now at this stage in my life, being a younger, single guy. … I like leather couches, I like comfy couches. I like a warm atmosphere, area rugs.”

As it happens, it took 27 years for the clan to win the apartment. Mr. Trump bought the building and its neighbor in 1981, aiming to raze them and build anew, but was stopped when a court sided with existing tenants. By 1998 the building finally became the Trump Parc East condo, though over half the apartments still had the old rent-regulated tenants, many reportedly paying less than what their new landlord owed in condo carrying charges. He once called them “millionaires in mink coats, driving Rolls-Royces.”

But when the tenants die, move away or default, young Mr. Trump said, their units go to his father. That’s what happened here: “I found out that the apartment came up; I went in and looked at it; I liked it and bought it.” The condo never officially hit the market.

Better yet, three weeks ago, his neighbors voted him onto the condo’s board of directors. “I think they know I gallivant around the world, building buildings, building hotels,” he said. “When they see a Trump living in a Trump building, they know I want to take care of my investment.”

Yet his brother, Donald “Don” Trump Jr., was very publicly ousted from the board at his Trump Place condo on the West Side two years ago. His main rival has since left the building, though, and Don returned to the board last month.

The Trump Parc purchase was first reported on the Web site of The Real Deal.