At Nashua North High, Hillary Clinton Spars With Chris Matthews Over Troop Withdrawal

During her visit to Nashua North High School here in New Hampshire earlier this afternoon, Hillary Clinton did her second presser in three days and got into a testy exchange with Chris Matthews.

He asked her to distinguish her platform on returning troops from Iraq versus Barack Obama. Mrs. Clinton said a few words, not particularly in season; she said she’d be very responsible about it. Matthews asked a follow-up and she said, “Well you guys can figure out the difference.”

“No, you tell us the difference!” he barked.

“I’m not on your show, I’m just answering your question,” she responded.

“Please come on my show,” he said.

She then answered the Iraq question by returning to her stump speech message–troops out in 60 days and then bring the rest home in increments.

Did that satisfy the notoriously emotional Mr. Matthews?

“She answered it, I guess, but it’s not what we want. I guess she’s saying she’ll bring home two brigades every month? What’s two brigades, I don’t even know what that is, I guess I’ll look it up.”

I changed the subject and asked Mr. Matthews what he thought about Charlie Gibson last night as moderator of the debate; after all, Mr. Matthews has done it before.

“I’m no media critic. I’m no media critic. I’m not going to criticize my friend Charlie Gibson. Look, we all have our different styles. I have mine, he has his.”

What’s the difference?

“You can figure out the difference,” he said.