Aubertine and the Spitzer Effect

Back in New York, there’s some campaigning too.

Here’s a video taken Saturday of Darrel Aubertine, a Democratic Assemblyman, announcing his candidacy for the 48th state Senate seat vacated recently by Republican Jim Wright. And no, the obstacles to winning in this Republican-leaning district aren’t lost on Aubertine.

“Make no mistake. This race isn’t going to be easy. But make no mistake. We’re going to make it just as difficult for the other side as we possibly can,” he said.

He previewed what Democrats will likely be arguing in November, when the other 211 legislative seats are on the ballot. Namely, that the legislative races are not a referendum on Eliot Spitzer and his first year in office.

“There’s a lot of people that are going to try to tell you that this race, this race is about the politics in Albany. It’s not. It’s about the issues and concerns that are right in front of us, here on our main streets in Northern New York,” he said.

Liz has more on the race here.

Aubertine and the Spitzer Effect