Watch an award-winning film you won’t find in theaters

We fell in love with stop-motion animation years ago (thank you, Gumby!), so we’re pleased to see it’s grown up with us. “Tide,” a clever advertisement for the storage company Big Yellow from the London-based agency CHI & Partners and director Dougal Wilson, takes the technique beyond monsters and puppets into the world of, well, your living room. The winner of a Bronze Medal in the 2007 Cannes Lions competition, “Tide” might not have the social relevance of Dove’s “Evolution” ad, which won the Grand Prix, but it’s a superior visual treat: Waves of stuff wash across a wooden floor, starting with toys, progressing to CDs and adolescent ephemera, and culminating in epic cascades of household appliances.

The ad smartly illustrates how we drown in the stuff we accumulate (although it looks like so much fun it almost undermines its own point).

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Watch an award-winning film you won’t find in theaters