Bill Clinton to Sharpton on 'Fairytale' Remark and Obama's War Stance

Bill Clinton just called into Al Sharpton’s radio show to explain what he meant when he referred to Barack Obama’s campaign as a fairytale.

“First of all, that’s not true,” Clinton said. “It’s not a fairytale. He might win. I think he’s a very impressive man and he’s run a great campaign. I was addressing a specific argument [Obama made] that had never been brought up in the debate.”

Obama’s argument, Clinton said, was that “[Obama’s] relative lack of service in the Senate was not relevant, because he had better judgment than all the Democrats, because he had always been against the Iraq war in every year. And he enumerated the years from 2002 to 2007. And I pointed out that he had never been asked about his statements in 2004, that he didn’t know how he would have voted on the war resolution. And there was, at that time, there was no difference between his position and President Bush’s.”

“Wait a minute,” said Sharpton, who hasn’t yet endorsed a candidate. “Senator Obama said there was no difference in his position and President Bush’s?”

“In 2004,” Clinton responded affirmatively. “Look, there could be a perfectly good explanation for it [why he would say that]. Maybe he felt once it was done, he just wanted it to work, including the U.N. My point is it disproves the argument that everybody else was wrong and he was right.”

After praising Obama again, Clinton added, “And I have gone out of my way not to express any personal disrespect for him or his campaign, even when they’ve been fairly critical of me and Hillary.”

Bill Clinton to Sharpton on 'Fairytale' Remark and Obama's War Stance