Bipartisan Panel, Like Bloomberg, Demands More From '08 Candidates

NORMAN, Oklahoma–The bipartisan panel in Oklahoma just released a statement. It reads, in part:

America is in danger. Our ability to meet and solve the problems that face us is seriously compromised. National surveys reveal that an unprecedented seven out of ten citizens believe that life for their children will not be as good as their own. We are headed in the wrong directioin. WE share their deep concern and frustration. Our nation is indeed at risk.


In order to break this partisan impasse, we urge the presidential candidates to provide:

–Clear descriptions of how they would establish a government of national unity;

–Specific strategies for reducing polarization and reaching bipartisan consensus;

–Plans to go beyond tokenism to appoint a truly bipartisan cabinet with critical posts held by the most qualified people available regardless of political affiliation; and

–Proposals for bipartisan executive and legislative policy groups in critical areas such as national security.


If we’re reading closely, especially from a New York-centric perspective, it’s easy to see some similarity between this and some of Michael Bloomberg’s recent comments, especially as they relate to demanding more specifics out of the presidential candidates for how they might actually get things done.

Bipartisan Panel, Like Bloomberg, Demands More From '08 Candidates