Bloomberg as Environmental King-Maker?

Michael Bloomberg has repeatedly said that he’s not running. He’s also repeatedly said that no candidate is talking about substantive issues on the presidential campaign trail.

Former Bloomberg communications director Bill Cunningham, who cautions that he doesn’t have any inside knowledge about the mayor’s intentions, thinks that if nothing else, the mayor may be in a position to deliver a crucial presidential endorsement.

Cunningham told me, “Whether or not there is a third candidate out there, whether or not there is a Bloomberg out there, Bloomberg has staked out the space where people can turn to on substantive matters. And if a candidate is trying to sway those undecideds, they may have to come to Bloomberg.”

He added, “There’s no Al Gore in this race, this year. There is no person associated like Al Gore was with the environment. Bloomberg has been leading this charge with big cities about what they can do about the environment, global warming, and carbon emissions. And it would make all the sense in the world that the ultimate candidates of the major parties will turn for validation on some parts of their programs to voices like Bloomberg.”