Bloomberg Defends Kevin Sheekey

013008 bloomberg2 web Bloomberg Defends Kevin SheekeyAt a press conference earlier today Andrew Siff of NBC asked Michael Bloomberg, “If you’re not a candidate, how do you justify Kevin Sheekey’s salary?”

“Kevin Sheekey gets paid, I think, the same as all deputy mayors," Bloomberg said. "He works as hard for this city as anybody I know, a lot more hours than anybody has a right to expect. He’s literally one of these 24-7 guys. In his spare time, Kevin Sheekey does have an interest in politics. I don’t think there is any question about that. "

Bloomberg went on to say, "What he wants to do in his own time, he’s a political junkie. He loves that. But he never confuses the two. He doesn’t overlap the time and he doesn’t overlap in what he’s trying to do. He tries to do what’s right for the city, whether or not it is right for his private, political agenda. And the city gets a lot more than 40 hours of work from him.”

The question, really, isn’t about the paycheck, but about the activities of the mayor’s top aide, which have been getting more attention recently.

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