Blumenthal: It Was Policy and Personality

On more bit of reaction from the Hillary side last night:

I asked Sidney Blumenthal, a senior advisor to the Hillary Clinton who has been a lot more visible since she lost Iowa, whether or not the win made the argument for her to put more emphasis her personality instead of leading with policy differences with her opponents.

He rejected the premise.

“I don’t buy any of this,” he said. “I’m not interested in this discussion. I think that policy matters and I think that who she is matters and I don’t see the difference.”

“I think this was personal triumph for her. She walked through the furnace and came out.”

Blumenthal said the win was a testament to Clinton’s “grit.”

“Look, she is sleeping two hours a night,” he said. “She has to have the stamina to keep going, she has to have the morale to keep going, she showed she has the intellectual poise to access and figure out what’s happening as it’s happening, to learn lessons immediately.”

My question as to what she had learned prompted a 30-second pause from Blumenthal.

“That she took to heart what happened in Iowa about the urgency for change, he said. “And she realized that her presentation of it was unpersuasive in Iowa and that she had to reconsider how she made her argument. And she restructured it and rearticulated it here so that the problem was stated and the solution was stated and from that she drew the support of the people necessary to make this real.”

Blumenthal: It Was Policy and Personality