Brian Williams Nurtures His Fan Base

Jasmine Moy, a young lawyer with a habit of volunteering on campaigns in her spare time, bumped into some NBC cameramen during primary season in Manchester, New Hampshire.

She found out what happens when you claim to be a fan of the network’s star anchor, Brian Williams.

He finds you.

Moy sent over this transcription of the voicemail she says she received from Williams:

“Hey Jasmine, this is Brian Williams. One of our technicians passed along your business card to me and I wanted to let you know customer service is very important to us especially if, as was told to me, you are indeed a daily reader of my blog. (short chuckle) Thank you very much, it means a lot. We like knowing people are out there act reading this stuff which I just wrote for today, in fact, and thought of calling you since he gave me your card…” [abridged]

And of course, Williams also gave her a mention on his blog.

Afterwards Moy told me, “The message affirms my previously held opinion that not only is he talented and freakishly funny, but also a downright, honest to goodness, nice guy.”

Please note: this site also returns phone calls from fans.

Brian Williams Nurtures His Fan Base