Carrion: Over $1.5 B. Invested in The Bronx in '07 (UPDATED: It's Less than '06 Investment Amount)

Bronx borough president and one-time mayoral hopeful Adolfo Carrion Jr. said in his annual development report, released today, that $1.5 billion was invested in residential, commercial and institutional development projects in the Bronx from November 2006 through November 2007. During that period, 914 new addresses were added and over $1.3 billion invested in the borough, according to the report. A total of $453 million was invested in June, more than double the amount of any other month in 2007.

“Through smart investments we have changed the story of Bronx,” Mr. Carrion said in a statement. “These developments represent jobs and home ownership opportunities for the Bronx. Everyday more people are seeing the Bronx as a smart investment and recognizing that this is the borough where families thrive and businesses grow.”

We’re waiting to hear from Mr. Carrion’s office about the investment numbers from previous years to see just how 2007 stacks up.

UPDATE: A total of $2,174,467,693 was invested in the Bronx in 2006, according to a spokesperson from Mr. Carrion’s office–less than the amount invested in 2007.