Clinton Supporter Likes Her Answers, Dislikes Her Negativity

Pat Aurenz, a 45-year-old undecided voter from Nashua, didn’t have a problem with Hillary Clinton saying she would not have gone to war in Iraq as president. “She voted to go to war based on information that was a bunch of lies,” said Aurenz, who sat in the bleachers at a Hillary event in Nashua with her husband (an Obama supporter) and daughter. “If she had the right information, she said she wouldn’t have done it, and I believe her.”

Aurenz, who said she is leaning towards Clinton after hearing her speak, was much less forgiving about Hillary’s new, more aggressive attacks on Barack Obama’s and John Edward’s reputations as candidates of change.

“I had trouble with that—I thought she was going negative,” said Aurenz. “When she got to the question-and-answer session, I like how she handled that. I felt she was positive. I think she can set herself apart from them with her answers, not by going negative.”