Clubland Chaos Can Happen At Any Time

Last Thursday’s fatal shooting at celebrity hangout Stereo recalled an interesting quote from The Observer‘s September 2007 article about the since-shuttered Chelsea nightclub’s recurring legal troubles:

“Stereo strongly believes that their patrons from Tuesday through Saturday are generally not into fighting or carrying weapons.”

That line comes from a court-ordered independent monitor’s report on the club’s security procedures, which was included in court papers.

The report placed much of the blame for the club’s “rowdy” crowds on weekly “hiphop” events on Sunday and Monday nights.

“We are still recommending that weapons searches are not necessary on Wednesday to Saturday providing the crowd remains the same,” the report said.

Again, Brione Schneider, 32, was shot dead on a Thursday after an argument inside the club spilled out into the street.

“We really haven’t done an empirical analysis as to when these incidents occur,” the club’s lawyer previously told The Observer, “we’re very cautious every night.”

Clubland Chaos Can Happen At Any Time