Colin Farrell Ignores Box Office, Avoids Skiing at Sundance

The premiere for Martin McDonagh’s In Bruges, which stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson as two hit men holed up in Belgium, kicked of the Sundance Film Festival last night. While Sara Vilkomerson admired Mr. Farrell’s hair (“gorgeous!” she wrote in an email) Spencer Morgan caught up with the star at the event. Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s my first year, yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean I just got in last night late, man. We had the screening tonight and it seemed to be a fairly decent response to it, you know. There was a lot of laughter. It’s a beautifully offensive piece you know. And people seem to go with it. It’s quite an extreme world it in habits for an hour and a half. The characters, their way of expressing themselves, the situations. It’s fairly extreme and for people to enjoy it–I think they just have to allow themselves to be immersed in that world, you know? And after the first ten or fifteen minutes they seemed to really enjoy it. That was nice man.”

SM: What is the state of independent film in this country?

“I mean I don’t know, I don’t look at the box office man. You know, I hear every now and then a particular vibe about a particular piece but that’s more to do with the content of the piece then the public’s response to it, so I’m not really up on those facts or figures at all. But you know Sundance obviously is growing year after year and there always has to be a place for independent film, for the purity of certain stories and certain stories that are very personal, a platform for them to be realized.”

SM: Are you going to go skiing?

“I don’t think so man. It’s just talking shit about this film.”

Colin Farrell Ignores Box Office, Avoids Skiing at Sundance