Conservative Party Chairman: 'Independent Means a Lot of Things'

State Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long, who endorsed Fred Thompson in an interview taped today, also thinks there isn’t much of an ideological difference between Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg.

Here’s what he told News Forum host Gabe Pressman:

[I]f Obama’s the candidate or Hillary’s the candidate, I don’t know where Mike Bloomberg gets the votes from because he really represents their very same point of view. His political guru, Kevin Sheekey, is trying to present him as a centrist, and Mike Bloomberg, the last thing he is is a centrist. I mean, he’s a liberal Democrat at heart. He was a Democrat, changed to Republican, now he’s an independent. Independent means a lot of things but he clearly is a liberal, and I don’t know where he gets his votes from. He doesn’t play well in the West, the South. He might play well in some of the cities, but it just–I don’t see where he gets his momentum from to get over the top.

The show airs Sunday.