Dateline! Manchester!

It’s election day, and John Koblin and I have already cast our ballots! Our little electorate needed to settle an issue that has plagued us all week: Which of the five hot sons of Mitt Romney is the hottest? After careful review of the Five Brothers blog, we voted blind and averaged our results.

TAGG: 4.5
BEN: (with beard: 10. without beard: 4.)
JOSH: 9.995

Josh Romney’s win was no surprise.

Our individual scores—please note that we had the same, dramatic beard reaction. Interesting!


Tagg: 3
Matt: 7
Josh: 9.99
Ben: 10 with beard, 2 without
Craig: 8


Tagg: 6
Matt: 9
Josh: 10
Ben: 6 (N.B.: Ben was a 10 before he shaved his beard. Hmmph.)
Craig: 8

Dateline! Manchester!