De Blasio Ready to Shovel for Hillary, Doesn’t See Room for Bloomberg

Bill de Blasio is prepared for anything on caucus day.

“I am in our meeting room at the Clinton headquarters, on Fifth Avenue South, in Clinton County, with my hand on our group of six shovels,” said the manager of Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign, who is currently campaigning with her in Iowa.

“The race is going to be close,” he added, “and it’s been snowy. And you can’t afford to have your car get stuck.”

I asked de Blasio (even though he is, of course, a bit biased right now) what he thought of the idea of Michael Bloomberg jumping into the presidential race.

“I think the argument for an independent candidate is weakened when there are strong alternatives in the major parties,” he told me. “I think this is a year when it is harder to argue than an independent has space to cover that is unspoken for.”