Dude, Sweet Pad! CollegeHumor Co-Founder Buys $1.97 M. Village Condo

Three years ago, when the four 22- and 23-year-olds running the mega Web site CollegeHumor.com were living in a $10,000-per-month, 4,200-square-foot loft, The New Yorker glumly reported that there was a runner on their dining room table, even napkin rings with napkins. There were no beer bongs; the décor came from Bloomingdale’s.

But Joshua Abramson, one of the two co-founders of the site, is now 26 years old. And that means he’s grown up even more. “I think my tastes have evolved a bit since we first moved in there,” Mr. Abramson told The Observer.

According to city records, he closed last month on a $1.975 million, 1,529-square-foot apartment at the Greenwich, a 102-year-old building at 65 West 13th Street. “I’m really trying to make something that’s comfortable and clean, somewhat minimalist but not stark.”

He’s been working with the Park Avenue decorator David Howell as a consultant. “I hope that my decorations are a little less ‘design within reach,’” he wrote in an e-mail. Mr. Abramson said his sellers owned art like Peter Beard pieces, so he’s been spending time measuring up. “I got a David Hockney that I’m excited about. It’s an etching, and it’s sort of this cool very simple abstract thing.”

And he just bought a Steinway grand piano—“which is something I’ve wanted since I was 10 years old. That was sort of a prerequisite for any apartment: Making sure there was room for a grand piano.”

But Mr. Abramson had been shopping around for an even bigger spread until he saw the moderately sized apartment his CollegeHumor partner Zach Klein got in Williamsburg. “I guess I had a misconception in my head that I needed a really massive space because I was so used to having the loft.”

In 2006, billionaire Barry Diller’s Internet conglomerate IAC bought a controlling interest in CollegeHumor: Mr. Klein moved out of the loft last January, their friend Jakob Lodwick left in June, and Ricky Van Veen is departing soon. “I kind of think us moving out and living on our own is analogous to graduating from college,” Mr. Abramson said. “I think when we moved out, we realized that a certain part of our lives was over, and it was a little sad. But we still keep in touch.”

(Still, you can’t escape your roots! His new apartment comes with a Japanese soaking tub, and it’s above an Urban Outfitters.)

Below a video of the apartment that he posted online after signing his contract last year, the dating columnist Julia Allison, best known for her on-and-off “friends-with-benefits” relationship with Mr. Lodwick, wrote: “wow. It’s fucking huge, Josh. and gorgeous!! AND in a fantastic location. A very wise decision :)”

Mr. Lodwick responded: “Sweet place—I think I would be happy there, too. It’s sort of an art overload right now, but the decoration is otherwise nice.”

Dude, Sweet Pad! CollegeHumor Co-Founder Buys $1.97 M. Village Condo