Elizabeth Edwards Says John Did It For John

It certainly seemed last night that John Edwards had thrown his lot in with Barack Obama last night in his attempt to get Hillary Clinton out of the race as soon as possible, defending the Illinois senator fiercely against her criticisms.

But Elizabeth Edwards said that her husband did it, Drago-like, for himself.

“John was defending that he actually is a change candidate,” she said after the debate at Saint Anselm College. “Every time we have someone saying they are an agent of change, someone from the status quo comes along attacking them.”

So, she said, her husband came to the rescue.

“John was standing up for change more than standing up particularly for Senator Obama.”

She also said that the race could very well end up being between Edwards and Obama.

“The likelihood is that we have three for a while, but Senator Clinton’s argument has been inevitability and experience are going to be the things that carry her to the nomination. And I think it is clear that they are not going to bring her the nomination. That’s why she talked today about change and things like that, she had to find a different tack.”

Edwards said she didn’t think voters would buy the new direction.

“Maybe she can sell it, but 35 years of change, when people don’t actually see change, don’t see change in the underlying problems with the way government is working, in fact when things have gotten worse over the 35 years, I don’t think is a successful argument.”

As for the notion that Edwards’ couldn’t get much further after losing his supposedly must-win contest in Iowa, she said, “We’re going to the convention. Seriously, we’re going to the convention. We’ve got to. “

Elizabeth Edwards Says John Did It For John