Elsewhere: Bloomberg Speculation, Millionaire’s Amendment, Late Night Talk

AP writer Sara Kugler says Bloomberg is “settling into the role of presidential gadfly.”

Marshall Loeb, the former editor of Fortune, writes, “it is totally wrong, in my view, to argue that we citizens don’t have a rich and disparate choice of candidates in Election 2008.”

Here’s more on Bloomberg’s critique of the presidential candidates.

Mitt Romney drops the Lewinsky scandal.

Scott Stringer gets a new spokesperson.

The former governor of South Carolina endorses Barack Obama.

New Jersey’s Representative Donald Paine endorses Hillary Clinton.

Joe Bruno isn’t sure about the makeup of the Public Integrity Commission.

Kirsten Gillibrand opponent Sandy Treadwell’s donations to himself have triggered the “Millionaire’s Amendment.”

Clinton has a new ad out in New Hampshire.

Rudy Giuliani’s New Jersey state chairman defends the campaign’s strategy.

On behalf of John McCain, Lindsay Graham calls Romney “naïve.”

Romney says neither Iowa nor New Hampshire will decide the nominee.

Glenn Thrush reports that Chelsea Clinton has finally spoken.

Three Republican campaigns trade accusations about push-polling.

Here are the top three Democrats closing ads.

McCain is going to start advertising in Michigan.

Zach Roth writes that Michael Moore’s cover story for Rolling Stone was spiked because Hillary Clinton wouldn’t participate.

But she’ll be on David Letterman tonight.

Mike Huckabee will probably have to cross a picket line to appear on Jay Leno tonight.

Don’t miss your local hearing.

And here’s Michael Bloomberg the other day, with the door to City Hall wide open.

Elsewhere: Bloomberg Speculation, Millionaire’s Amendment, Late Night Talk