Elsewhere: McCain vs. Romney, Edwards vs. Obama, N.H. vs. Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani’s supporters in New Hampshire aren’t any more pleased with his neglect now than they were two weeks ago.

Tension between Mitt Romney and John McCain gets going in New Hampshire.

Tom DiNapoli heads to New Hampshire for Hillary Clinton.

Fred Thompson’s communications director says the campaign will soldier on, “putting everything we have in South Carolina.”

Michael Crowley wonders if John Edwards’ strategy of making Barack Obama look like a corporate tool is viable.

Marie Wilson notes that young woman supported Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton in Iowa, and asks, “Is this an indication that young women in Iowa believe the gender issue is solved?”

Eliot Brown reports the City Council will hold a hearing Monday on that Madison Square Garden tax break, and explains why they are taking action just now.

More advice about state aircraft from the Public Integrity Commission.

The Virginia Independent Green party is circulating a petition to get Michael Bloomberg on the ballot.

Bill Clinton wishes Hillary had another five days before the New Hampshire primary.

Wally Edge considers a hypothetical second New Jersey Republican primary.

Tomorrow is Wyoming’s “renegade” Republican primary.

And above is Barack Obama’s political outreach coordinator in New York, Jacki Esposito, explaining last night, “Our strategy is working.”

Elsewhere: McCain vs. Romney, Edwards vs. Obama, N.H. vs. Giuliani