Elsewhere: McCain’s N.H. Lead, Candidates’ Iowa Goodbyes, Bloomberg’s Polling Somewhere

John McCain leads Mitt Romney 31 percent to Romney’s 25 percent in a new New Hampshire poll.

Dan Janison reports that “test-polling of a Bloomberg candidacy has begun in some parts of the country.”

A reader points out there was a time not long ago when it seemed like Bloomberg wouldn’t run for president.

McCain drops the Reagan card.

And goes negative in a new web video.

Joe Lieberman will hit the campaign trail in New Hampshire for McCain.

Eve Fairbanks examines the place of immigration in this stage of the G.O.P race.

Michael Crowley thinks the idea that Mike Huckabee’s negative ad gaffe will kill his campaign is a “self-reinforcing prophesy.”

Jay Newton looks at Joe Biden’s support in Iowa, which may lead to a surprise caucus showing.

Here’s Biden’s closing message.

Fred Thompson’s last word to Iowans is here.

And Edwards’ is here.

Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton have the most legislative endorsements.

Roger Simon wonders what Edwards is so mad about.

Thomas B. Edsell thinks that his fiery rhetoric is drawing male support towards him, and away from Obama.

Adam Nagourney asks, “What if Iowa Settles Nothing for Democrats?”

And in New Year’s Day drama, there’s a battle over which hospital has the real first baby of 2008.

Finally, above is a photo sent in from a Hillary Clinton volunteer knocking on doors in Dubuque, Iowa, (courtesy of an aide to Anthony Weiner, Eric Koch, who used his personal account to send this in).